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Our ethics, both personal and professional, define the DNA of One Health Pharma, and constitute our strength as a team. We aim to place them at the very center of our experiences with our clients and consultants.


Enriching our thinking, stimulating our creativity, and adapting to new challenges in an agile manner, in order to find and offer the solutions that fit you best.


Aspiring to the best, constantly improving, and surpassing ourselves in order to allow you to reach your objectives and to give you full satisfaction.


The reliability of our solution is of central importance. It is based on our responsiveness, expertise, transparency, respect, and sincerity.


Confidentiality, deontology, integrity, and quality for a service that meets your requirements.


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Véronique has dual experience in human and animal health. She was manager of a start-up involving a multidisciplinary team of 10 physicians specialized in oncology. She also worked with a recruitment firm dedicated to the human health pharmaceutical industry. In addition, after 2 years in private veterinary practice, Véronique specialized in medico-marketing and pharmacovigilance in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry for 10 years, then in her own consulting firm for 19 years. Convinced that the One Health approach, the strength of multidisciplinary teams and the added value of independent consultants are real assets and will be tomorrow's must-haves in the healthcare industries, she created One Health Pharma in 2022.

Véronique Privat

President, Founder




In our One Health approach, our team is organized into two entities: one in human health and the other in animal health, both working in total synergy.

Our experts have over twenty years’ experience in the health and/or nutrition sector. They are in turn consultants, supervisors or project managers: they intervene directly on the missions and/or select and coordinate the activity of the consultants throughout the missions that you entrust to us.

Within the steering committee, our 13 experts define the strategic and operational orientations of One Health Pharma.

Our experts

To serve our One Health approach, our team is organized in two departments, one in human health and the other in animal health. Both work in total synergy.
Our experts have more than twenty years of experience in the field of health and/or nutrition. They operate in turn as consultants, supervisors, and project managers. They intervene directly on the missions and/or select and coordinate the activity of our consultants throughout the process.

Claire Bennet

R&D Referent
Claire, a pharmacist and former intern at the Paris Hospitals, has spent more than 30 years managing R&D projects in human health in order to develop innovative molecules to meet therapeutic needs that are not currently covered in any therapeutic area. Project management is a real profession and Claire trains and supports project teams in the optimization of their development plan in order to bring new drugs to the market in the shortest possible timeframe and in implementation of an appropriate organization and tools.
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Nathalie Perrier Fitoussi

Referent in Regulatory Affairs
Nathalie has been specialized for more than 20 years in the regulation of health products, from the marketing authorization application to the product end of life. Doctor of Pharmacy, she assists healthcare stakeholders in France, Europe, and internationally.
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Jean-Luc Béjot

Referent in Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance
Medical Doctor, Jean-Luc has more than 35 years of experience in clinical development, clinical operations and medical affairs in the life science industry at an international level. He has worked in various pharmaceutical, biotechnological and service provider companies, covering a wide spectrum of products and diverse therapeutic areas. Having spent several years in the USA, he is well aware of the benefits but also challenges of global development. Jean-Luc has been independent consultant for two years, supporting his clients with his clinical development and medical affairs expertise.
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Karine Soulat

Referent in Marketing and e-health
Karine has been working for more than 25 years with French and international teams in the development of marketing strategies for drugs as well as in the implementation of services for healthcare professionals and patients. Recently graduated from an MBA specialized in digital marketing, with an expertise on the market access of digital therapies, she advises startups and pharmaceutical companies on the development of e-health projects.
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Rémi Peyronnet

Commercial Referent
Rémi has 30 years of experience in the health sector: drugs, diagnostics, equipment, software, connected objects and e-health. He has been a sales manager for 25 years and has also co-founded 2 companies. With a scientific background and an MBA, he knows how to develop and lead commercial strategies adapted to health products.
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Marie-Paul Lachaud

R&D Referent
Since 1990, when she co-founded the first European veterinary CRO dedicated to veterinary drug clinical development and regulatory affairs, Marie-Paul has provided services to the veterinary pharmaceutical industry as an independent consultant, with a specific focus on global clinical development and registration of animal drugs. Throughout her career, she has been involved in transitioning human drugs to meet unmet needs in veterinary medicine. Marie-Paul received her veterinary degree from Alfort National Veterinary School in Paris.
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Thierry Biot

Referent in Regulatory Affairs
Thierry has dedicated his 20-year career in various pharmaceutical companies to the technical development and registration of different veterinary products, with a particular focus on vaccines. Since 2011, he has been a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, universities, research centres, and development cooperation organizations.
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Véronique Privat

Referent in Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance
For over 25 years, Véronique has been assisting life science and pet food stakeholders with their medical communication, medical marketing strategy, and pharmacovigilance. Veterinary doctor, she also has an inter-university diploma in biostatistics and clinical trials. Certified in coaching, recruitment, and skills assessment, she is also involved in skills development and improvement of internal processes.
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Patrick Loiseau

Referent in Marketing
A Columbia Business School graduate, Patrick has over 20 years of animal health experience on 3 continents (Europe, Asia and North America). He has developed expertise in strategic and operational marketing on both prescription and OTC products at Local, Regional and International levels. He has launched innovative products via a wide variety of distribution channels including e-commerce platforms in China. Certified in training, Patrick has also acquired practical experience in training and management of multicultural teams.
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Hervé le Galludec

Commercial Referent
Hervé graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and holds an Executive Master's degree in Marketing and Commerce from HEC. He brings with him 15 years' experience in private veterinary practice and 20 years' experience in the Animal Health industry in operational and strategic marketing, sales management and general management of subsidiaries within various companies. As a consultant for the past year, Hervé has been offering his services to Animal Health companies and veterinary organizations in the fields of corporate strategy, team management, marketing and sales.
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Xavier Frapaise

Innovation Referent
Xavier Frapaise MD graduated from Paris Medical School; he has more than 40 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, including multiple start-ups in different positions: Board Member, CEO, Founder, VP R/D, and Medical Affairs, CMO and CSO. His expertise spans over the development of NCE/NBEs (phase I to IV), negotiations with the FDA/EMA, and Medical Affairs. He is currently supporting biotechs/startups design an optimal development strategy. Xavier holds academic positions at Loyola University (USA) and Lyon (France). He has a degree in medical statistics and is a INSEAD alumni.
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Géraldine Karbouch

Referent in CSR and Responsible Innovation
Trained in the agri-food industry with an MBA from ESSEC, Géraldine has more than 25 years of experience in innovation life sciences and in health (support for startups, technology transfer and investment). Awared to environmental and social issues she added CSR skills to her professional background. She supports health companies and their stakeholders in the integration and deployment of a robust, structured and managed CSR approach and the development of responsible offers, eco-social designed for a sustainable, ethical and equitable health.
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Our consultants, coaches, trainers, and salespeople benefit from an independent status. The diversity of their experiences and profiles enables us to provide the best fit to your projects.


Our consultants are selected through a rigorous and demanding process, which is similar to a recruitment process.

Skills, experience, and human qualities required for the mission are considered, in order to fit perfectly with your project and your corporate culture.

Context, objectives, content, and duration of the mission
Required skills and experience (knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills)
Profile selection and pre-qualification interviews
Suitability of profiles for the mission, validated by a business expert
Ethics, motivational drivers, working style, and personality
Presentation of the best profile(s) to the client


Over the past 30 years, we have developed strong relationships with many recognized players in the healthcare industry. For each project, we evaluate for you and with you the best solution to achieve your objectives. If necessary, we integrate and coordinate complementary external expertise.
Opinion leaders
French National Veterinary Schools
Scientific organizations
Analysis Laboratories
Animal Health and Foodstuff control centers
Research Laboratories
Service providers
Legal experts
Fundraising experts


We are committed to sustainable development and responsibility towards our consultants, our clients, our suppliers, and the environment.